Facing Change in the New Year.

New years make us think about the past as we look hopefully to the future. As I've moved into this new year, I found myself with mixed emotions as I face the very real possibility that this could be the year that I become an empty nester. On one hand, I'm excited for the possibilities that are unfolding for my daughters, not to mention the alone time with my husband, but in many ways I want to hold onto my little girls.

My youngest daughter successfully passed her massage therapy licensing exam over the weekend. I'm so proud of her and the steps she's taking towards her new career. Her fiancee and her live with us now, but they are looking forward to getting their own place soon. I'm excited and scared for them.

Leaving for College
My oldest daughter is in her last semester of college. It seems like yesterday that we were deciding what college she would go to, and then moving her into the dorm for the first time. Now, we're taking her back to the dorm for her final semester. Although she'll come home a couple more times before her graduation, I still felt a little melancholy hit me as we dropped her off on Monday.

Changes are coming with this new year, and change is good, but sometimes I just wish I had a pause button because time is moving too fast.

♪If I could turn back time♪ (Cher)

How are you feeling about changes you face this year?

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  1. Such a transition for the entire family. Best wishes!
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