Music Monday, Songs That Help Me Relax When Flying.

I just got back from a quick trip to Colorado. I love to travel, so even though it was just a couple days, I tried to make the most of it by seeing some sights and eating some good food. When I fly, one thing I have to have is my music. Music helps me relax and try to forget that I'm uncomfortably squeezed into a tiny seat so I can enjoy the flight. I like a variety of music so what I'm in the mood for usually changes, but I tend to want to hear some of the same songs when I'm first taking off.

Since it's Music Monday, here's a few of the songs that help me relax when flying.

What songs do you listen to when you're travelling?


  1. Three Little Birds always makes me smile when I hear it. Thanks for making me smile this Monday afternoon!

  2. Those are great songs to relax to when flying! My taste of music changes with my moods - I don't have any 'go to' ones for that sort of thing, but maybe I'll have to follow your lead next time I fly! :) Thanks so much for the dance - have a great week! :)

    I Lived and i’ll Pray For You because i’m at the Bathroom Sink and Crushin’ It!

  3. I love Bob's songs.
    And I really enjoy the Piano man! I like the voice!

  4. these are wonderful songs. i love them all and have them on my playlist.

  5. it's nice to dance with you after SUCH a tense week, but things are looking up now. DH called this morning to say his job got extended through the end of March. Yippee!!! What an answer to prayer! God is amazing and there's nothing like Him pulling a miracle out at the 9th hour. We've seen Him do this before and I can't tell you how blessed I feel right now. Just pray MORE work filters in to keep all the guys employed for years to come. Thanks for making me feel good with your music choices. Have a happy, happy weekend! ;)

  6. I'm so so late I know but you must've snuck in... SO HOW ABOUT A BOOGIE DURING HALF TIME! hehehe well, tomorrow I shall look for you in the evening this time... can't forget my buddies! HUGSSSSS AND THANKS FOR ROCKIN' ALONG WITH US!!!

    1. I did sneak in late! All this travelling has my schedule wayyyyyy off! Thanks for stopping by to sing along!


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