Favorite Madonna Songs #MusicMonday

In honor of Madonna's new album, Rebel Heart, this Music Monday post is some of my favorite Madonna songs. If you haven't heard Rebel Heart, yet, you're missing out on some of the best Madonna songs ever. You can read my full album review, and hear the first single,  here.

I think what I like about Madonna is that she is both strong and soft. She's not afraid of being exactly who she is. While who she is in music has evolved over time, and I haven't always liked the direction it's gone in, I've always respected her for being fearless and not conforming to what other may want. She is a true role model to girls, not to do what she does, but to know that they can do anything they want.

Here you go some of my favorite Madonna songs. First up is Like a Virgin.

Erotica, don't worry this is the censored version.

Who doesn't like Vogue?! Are you voguing right now? I am.

This song is so melancholy. It inspired me to write Playground Rules, The Dos and Don't of the Playground for future Mommys.

Have a great week. Dream big and chase those dreams; Have a Rebel Heart!


  1. I have always liked Madonna. Thanks for taking this musical trip down her life!

  2. My favourite out of these is Like A Virgin

    Have a puretastic week :-)

  3. You said exactly what I've always thought about Madonna! Love her! And I love all your choices (and I love the new album). :) Thanks for the memories and the dance! :)

    Online Celebrity – I’m Gonna Miss Her… YOLO!

  4. I do like the tunes and how they sound from Madonna. I'm always dancing to her.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Madonna was a fashion all in herself. The era of Madonna! You have to admit it was amazing, but she earned every second of it. She worked hard at it and still is... now more than ever!


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