Music Monday, 5 Songs For Women's History Month

Happy Music Monday! March is Women's History Month, so in honor of how far we've come in the fight for women's equality, this Music Monday is all about women in music.

There are many great women artists with songs that are groundbreaking in so many ways so I know I'm missing some amazing ones. These are just 5 that stand out for me as songs that are perfect for Women's History Month because of the strength of their message.

Women are such common pace in the music industry now, it's hard to imagine that their was once a time where they couldn't have their own record contract.

First up is Helen Reddy's live performance of that classic women's anthem, "I am Woman" from 1973.

When Loretta Lynn released this song "The Pill", she released it to great controversy because not only was she singing about taking birth control, but she was singing for the freedom of her own sexuality.

Another song for the independence of women, this one by Annie Lenox and Aretha Franklin. Here's "Sisters Are Doin' it for Themselves"

As women, we all want different things, we want to live our lives how we want to live them, and most of all we just want to have fun! Here's Cyndi Lauper!

This is one of my favorite No Doubt songs because it makes such a strong statement about how girls/women are treated compared to boys/men.

What song would you include on a Women's History list?