Music Monday, A Little Sugar From Maroon 5

Happy Music Monday! I'm a little late getting this post up today because of an appointment this morning with my Rheumatologist, and an exam for my Personal Finance class. The disease is under control and I got an 82% on my exam, so it's a pretty good Monday. Now, I'm ready for some music!

This one is another great song from Maroon 5 with a cool video. The band crashed weddings to surprise the couples with a performance and filmed it. Here's Sugar by Maroon 5.

Have a great week full of fabulous music!


  1. Never late at all Doll!
    I'm glad you have a good score with your doctor!
    Glad you shared the sugar with us :)

    I love this tune/video!

    Have a great week!

  2. Lovin' this tune! I found this video myself a few weeks ago. Totally awesome I always enjoy watching and listening to it. Thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. Very nice. Never late and I love this song.

  4. Love love this song!!! ♥ And so happy that your doctors appointment went well ♥


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