Ever Summer Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe

As part of my new nutritional plan, I'm trying to eat more fruit and reduce my sugar intake. The easiest way to do this is with smoothies. I've been trying some different fruit combinations and I've come up with a delicious kick off your shoes and put your toes in the sand tropical cantaloupe smoothie. You're going to want to try this recipe. It is so good that no added sweeteners are needed.

Cantaloupe and melons just scream Summer. It's a juicy fruit that is delicious on a hot Summer day. Of course, it's not quite Summer, yet, but thanks to some really smart plant breeders, farmers are now able to grow cantaloupes year round. I was super happy to get to try some of these delicious Ever Summer melons.

Even though it's only April, these cantaloupes were sweet and juicy just like they are in the middle of July.

The cantaloupes were delicious just on their own, and were amazing in my tropical cantaloupe smoothie blend.

The smoothie is oh so simple and oh so good! You just mix the ingredients with a high powered blender like a Ninja, and enjoy.

Disclosure: I received cantaloupe for free. I was under no obligation to post about it. All opinions expressed are my own. This site uses affiliate links to help support it. Thank you for using them.

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