Music Monday, Songs From 1990: When I was 16 #MusicMonday

Just like now, when I was 16, I loved many kinds of music. It's a lot easier now though because I know who I am and don't worry about where I fit in. I am happy to be me. But, in 1990, I was in High School, and High School puts a lot of pressure on kids to fit in to a certain group, wear certain clothes, and listen to a certain type of music. At times I struggled with not being popular, and not having the right clothes, but when it came to music, I liked what I liked and I listened to it all.

For this Music Monday here's some of what I was listening to when I was 16.

Garth Brooks with Friends In Low Places, this song was huge!

I really loved BBD and I still can't help but dance when I hear this song! ♪that girl is poison♪

This song is extra special though I didn't know it at the time...This song is the theme to the Young Guns II movie. I saw it in the Summer of 1990 with my grandmother and it would be the last movie I saw with her. I can't help but think of her now when I hear it.

Finally, to get our Music Monday off to a great start... Get up and dance to Unskinny Bop!

It was so hard to pick only a few songs from when I was 16, but it was fun.

What songs were popular when you were 16?

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