Songs to Study With #MusicMonday

It is the last week of school for this Semester and I can't wait for it to be done! I took a Personal Finance class that I thought would be much easier than it has been and a Business class that was easy, but boring, very very boring. I really learned a lot from the Personal Finance Class that I can use to help plan for my future with investments and savings, so for that I'm glad I took it, but there was just so. much. math. Seriously, I hate math! But, it's almost done and I might even pull off an A if I do well on the final exam.

With finals coming soon I need the right music to keep me going and to help me study. I'm spending this Music Monday with The Black Keys radio. I love creating stations from a certain band that I like because it helps me find new bands and sounds that I might not have heard if I relied just on mainstream radio. So today, I'm studying with some great music that sounds a little like this.

Artic Monkeys have a great rock sound!

Benjamin Booker is a new find for me. I'm becoming a little obsessed with his music.

What music keeps your energy up?

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