Pitch Perfect 2 Review, This is The Senior Bash

Pitch Perfect 2 is in theaters now. I know what you're thinking, Pitch Perfect was good on it's own why would they possibly make a sequel to it?! But you're wrong! So Wrong! Pitch Perfect 2 is the perfect follow up to the 2012 hit movie that introduced us to the Barden Bellas. The sequel lacks some of the heart of the first film, but it makes up for it with bigger laughs and good old fashioned fun. Where Pitch Perfect was the timid incoming Freshman, Pitch Perfect 2 is the Senior Bash!

Pitch Perfect 2 opens up with the Bellas performing for the President in a live televised event, 3 years after the first movie. The Bellas are now 3 time National A Capella champions and are America's sweethearts until "Fat Amy" has a costume faux pas while hanging from the ceiling in a performance of Wrecking Ball. The once loved Bellas have now fallen from grace and can't seem to do anything right. They must work together to once again find their sound.

The start of the movie had me dancing to the great music and within minutes the whole theater was laughing out loud at the plight of the Bellas. The laughter and music continues throughout the film.

I think the Pitch Perfect had more character development, and you certainly felt more emotional involvement, but that is often the case when you are learning about an entire new group of characters. In Pitch Perfect 2, it is assumed that the characters are already known to the audience so more time is left to just comedy and music. It definitely isn't the tugging on your heart strings story of friendship that the first is, but it's also not a freshman movie. This is (mostly) a group of Seniors that are done with the hard parts of College and are just out having a good time.

As a result, I think Pitch Perfect 2 appeals to a broader audience base. I took my daughter with me to see this because hubby wasn't that interested. He hadn't seen the first one and didn't care to, so I agreed that he probably wouldn't like the newest one. Boy was I wrong! Within minutes, I was laughing hard and thinking of him and how he would enjoy this movie...even without having seen the first one!

Besides the music battles which are so fun, and the color commentators that are hilariously inappropriate, one of the great things about this movie series is the bonds of friendship that tie together some of the most unique characters. As Bella says at one point, when she leaves school it's not the performance moments that will be remembered it is those "weirdos".

I won't spoil anything, but I will say that the movie does a great job of really tying up any loose ends. It is a nice finish to the series and one that I think is definitely worthy of a girls night out or even a date night. It's good music, good laughs, and good fun!

Disclosure: I attended a free screening of this movie in order to complete this review. This site uses affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own.

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