My Alarm Hadn't Even Gone Off Yet!

I love to sleep! I mean it. I truly love sleeping! My favorite thing to do on the weekend is sleep until noon. Unfortunately, today was not a day that I could sleep my morning away. I was scheduled to be to work at 7:00 AM. That's 7. In the morning. On a Saturday. I'm not even up before 7 on a normal work day.

When I have to set an alarm clock, I like to sleep every second possible until the alarm goes off, and thanks to the snooze button, I'm even sleeping a few minutes past that. I am not that person that wakes up and just stays up just because with an "oh well, I'm awake so...". Nope, not me. I'm the "what the hell?! my alarm didn't go off yet, why am I awake?, roll back over for another minute" kind of girl. I don't want to be awakened until it is time! I'm on a schedule people let's stick to it!
So, you can imagine my annoyance this morning when my phone rang 55 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. I answered it. I still don't know who he was looking for, but it wasn't me.

Roll over go back to sleep.

Phone rings again.

"No, still not the person you're looking for. You have the wrong number."

Roll over

Phone vibrates. Text message: "no disrespect, but how old are you?"

In my sleepy state I don't have the sense to just not reply so I respond, "40". So,  I'm partially at fault for the stupid response that follows.

phone vibrates. Text message: "you sound amazing!".

I'm sure I was pretty amazing at that point with bed head hair and drool running down my face but really?! IT'S 5:00 IN THE MORNING!

And, you don't even know me!

Ugh! Who does this crap?!

I just want to sleep.

♪It's alright cause I'm saved by the bell♪

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