Best Moments From Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash 2015! #BBNYC

Years ago, I was at at a little party in a hotel suite in NYC with cupcakes, wine and a few toys. It was called Sweet Suite. Over the years, Sweet Suite has grown from a small event decorating wine glasses in a hotel room to a huge event with all the hottest new toys, and now for the second year in a row it is the kick off event to Blogger Bash. And, what a bash it is!

Blogger Bash 2015 was so much fun from Sweet Suite to the Canadian Lentil Carnival themed closing party. Here's a few of my favorite moments.

I met Cheer Bear! This was really a big deal for me. I've grown up with the Care Bears, and I love there message of caring. At the Care Bear Brunch, we learned about some of the great new Care Bears products...AWESOME! But, we also learned about the wonderful ways Care Bears are giving back to the community, and how we all can #Shareyourcare

Thumbs up for Blue Man Group! I had heard how great this show is, but I had a different idea in my head than what it really is and wasn't really in a hurry to see it. I was wrong. What it really is is very interactive, with music and laughs. I sat in the poncho section which sounds way scarier than it really is. If you've never seen Blue Man Group, go see it!

Let's talk about the work that Anne Geddes is doing, you know Anne Geddes, baby photographer? Well, she was at Blogger Bash to talk to us about her latest project. She has been doing portraits of meningococcal disease and not only are the portraits beautiful, but they are a very powerful statement on the importance of vaccinating so we can protect our children against the horrors of preventable disease. Check out Protecting Our Tomorrows to learn more about this important issue.

When I was growing up, having red hair was not easy. No one I knew had red hair, and I was often made fun of. Because of this I grabbed a hold of positive references to red heads. One of these was "the little red head girl" from The Peanuts. Charlie Brown thought she was so pretty and that made me feel a little better. So, I felt so honored to have my picture taken with Francesca Capaldi, the little red haired girl from The Peanuts movie that will be in theaters in November. This little red haired girl met THE Little Red Haired Girl! This is a really big deal, y'all!

I made some great connections at Blogger Bash, and had some incredible conversations with women from all over the country in many stages of blogging, a couple of men that are blogging with their kids, and many awesome brand reps. From every conversation, I gained new knowledge and inspiration, and that is what it is all about!

Oh, yeah and there was so many fun toys!!!

And, and awesome box of toys arrived at my house, yesterday. I periscoped it, (follow me @Amethyst_M) but if you missed it there you can see my unboxing video below:

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