Songs Are More Than Just Something to Tap Our Toes To, They Tell Our Story. #MickRock

Music inspires us and drives us. It takes us back to a special time. It makes us laugh, makes us cry, and of course, it makes us dance! Sometimes its just silly and fun but music always rocks my world! I always like to learn more about the artists that create the music so I'm happy to be sponsored by Ovation TV's new show and I think I'm going to learn a lot!

I love so many different kinds of music. I like unique sounds, and songs that tell a story. I especially like learning the story behind a song. The songs on my playlist tell stories, some inspiring some just funny.
I chose many of these songs because they hold a special memory, or they inspire me to live more fully. Lady Marmalade by Patti Labelle reminds me of being a little girl so proud of myself for knowing french that I would run around and say it all the time "voulez vous coucher avec moi?". I knew it meant "will you sleep with me?" but with childhood innocence I thought it meant to have a slumber party. It makes me laugh now to think of it.

The artists on this playlist also have something in common...Famed photographer Mick Rock has worked with all of these artists! Mick Rock was the official photographer for Rocky Horror Picture Show, and David Bowie. He also helped to design many of Rocks most Iconic album covers. Now, in a new show, Mick Rock will be helping us to learn stories of some of these songs and artists by visiting with artists in their hometowns. Some of the artists include, Patti Labelle, Kings of Leon, Josh Groban, and The Flaming Lips.

On The Record with Mick Rock premiers on Ovation TV August 2nd with a tour of Josh Groban's hometown Los Angeles. During this interview, Josh Groban pays homage to the teacher that gave him the confidence to succeed, they stop by a Shakespeare after school program, and Groban treats Mick to a song performance.

A new episode will follow each week on Sundays at 8:00 PM ET with artist's hometowns including Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia.

I'm looking forward to this series because of the stripped down atmosphere of the show, and the no apologies, very real style of Mick Rock.  Because he already has a relationship with the artist, he's able to truly connect with them and help us to learn more about the musicians we admire. This is sure to be a favorite with music lovers, and anyone that wants to see a little bit more about these artists than what we normally see in a talk show or interview.

Make sure to tune into Ovation TV to check it out. For more information go to:

So tell me, if you could interview any artist, who would it be?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. All opinions expressed and songs selected are my own.

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