Review of Riddle Cube the Game, Challenging and Fun #EducationalInsights

Our family loves to play board games, but sometimes we just get so busy, we aren't always together long enough to sit down and play a game. Since we were all together this weekend to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday, it was a great time to try out a new game that I got in my Sweet Suite box. We played Riddle Cube the Game from Educational Insights, and we had some good laughs.

Riddle Cube the Game is a race to see who can create a shape with their "riddle cube" the fastest.

If you're looking for an interactive game for the whole family, or you want something that your child can use to develop creative skills and hand eye coordination, Riddle Cube may be the perfect thing for you.

Each Riddle Cube comes with 4 Riddle Cubes, challenge cards, and an hour glass timer.

The game is recommended for ages 8-adult, and can be played with 1-4 players or up to 4 teams of 2.

If you're playing by yourself, you try to create the puzzle challenges before the timer runs out. If you get really good at it, you can see how fast you can do it and try to beat your own time.

Group Play begins by choosing a card and turning over the timer. Each player then tries to create the shape pictured on the card and be the first to yell "Riddle Cube" before time runs out. If you win the challenge, you get the card. The first person with 5 cards is the winner.

Some of the cards have word instead of pictures. These are really fun because you may have to act it out to show what the shape is. A couple of the word cards we got were mustache, and bracelet.

My oldest daughter said that this game reminded her of shape challenges her elementary school teacher used to give them. She would show a picture and have them make it with pencils. This is very similar but with so many more possibilities to be creative and use problem solving skills which are important to keep fresh at any age.

We were a little nervous about breaking it, at first. But, as you can see, the Riddle Cube is very stretchable to be transformed into multiple different shapes.

We really enjoyed playing Riddle Cube the Game, and the birthday girl won, so it was extra fun for her. Everyone said they would play it again, so we are planning a game night very soon, and we might be trying the team play option where each teammate has to have a part of making the shape...That should be interesting!

Disclosure: I was given this game for free. I was not obligated to review it. All opinions expressed are my own. This site uses affiliate links.

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