Music Monday, Easy to Read to Songs and Put on the Breaks...What. Is. That?

Everyone is talking about the Emmy's today, and normally I would be too, but sometimes you have to prioritize things, so watching an award show didn't make it on the top of my list last night. My top priority was doing my Anatomy and Physiology exam; believe me I wish I was watching an award show instead. The exam was more chemistry than anything, but it should get better from here, and the good thing is I had some good music on that helped me focus. Here's a few things I'm listening to when studying this week and one that I'm not sure that I even like but it is quite interesting...

First up is Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with a live version of High Dive.

Ahhh Keith... Have you heard Keith Richard's new album, Crosseyed Heart? I really like it; but then again...I really like Keith! Crosseyed Heart feels like a friend came over to your house, picked up a guitar and started singing to you. It's warm and cozy perfect for reading by the fire place or in my case taking an A&P exam.

I think I truly love everything Mumford and Sons does. This is Believe.

This last one is actually the one that distracted me from studying. It's great for when you need a break and just need to get up and move around, or I don't know, maybe you want to move far away from it? I'm not sure if I really like it or if it's just stuck in my head, it is certainly interesting though.

Tell me what you think about it. This is AronChupa, I'm an Albatraoz *WARNING Contains profanity.

Have a fun and awesome week!

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