Music Monday, Elle King is My Latest Obsession

I have been crazy busy lately, between work, blog, school, and enjoying life I feel like I'm doing something all the time! With holidays getting closer, there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Soon there will be decorating, baking, shopping, and end of year work, and...exams! Eek! At least I've got plenty of good music to get through it all!

While I've been doing anatomy homework this weekend I've been obsessing on this new for me music find. Hubby knew I'd like her and boy is he right! Elle King has been getting me through this cell osmosis stuff. Thanks hubs, for this find. Here's a couple songs from Elle King for Music Monday.

This first song is Ex's and Oh's by Elle King. It has a little bit more of a pop sound than her other songs, but it still has that grit and soul.

So far this song is my favorite. This video is Elle King's live performance of Last Damn Night, a great song to remind us that our lives are short so we need to live them to the fullest!

Want to hear more from Elle King? The album, Love Stuff is free with Amazon Prime.

What music are you into right now?

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