Music Monday, Karaoke Songs To Avoid

One of my favorite clubs on Bourbon Street in New Orleans is Cats Meow. Cats Meow is a Karaoke Bar with a bouncing off the walls energy like no other karaoke bar I know. This is the best place to jump on stage and become a star for a moment, or just watch others and join in on the crowd sing along.  But, be warned if you are going on stage, some songs are better for karaoke than others! My observations this weekend have shown the following songs as guaranteed failures for most non-professionals.

It seems like this one would be an easy song to get right. It's certainly slow enough to hit the lyrics, but with enough pace to keep the audience involved, but every time it was performed, the group would forget to sing after the first chorus. Here's Shania Twain.

This is one of those songs to just go for it; you won't sound like Adele, just have fun and own what you do sound like, otherwise you're at the first chorus squeaking out a "rolling in the deep" and you've got a long way to go before you can get off that stage.

Not a crowd pleaser, just skip it.

This one just ends up sounding like you're whispering into the mic. If you like the oldies, great but maybe go with something a little easier, or just go ahead and sing it for yourself. This is your moment!

Really karaoke is all about having fun, if you're having fun so will everyone else, so don't listen to me, sing whatever your little heart desires but sing it like you mean it...who knows you could be the next big star!

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