Music Monday, Where They From

Wow! It's Cyber Monday and almost December! With everything going on in November, I feel like I lost a whole month, but for as bad as November was for me, I know December is going to be just fabulous! It's a new week, and almost a new month, so let's get a fresh start with some new music.

I was so thrilled to see the return of Missy Elliott at the SuperBowl earlier this year, and I'm even more thrilled to see she got back in the studio to rock some new tracks for us. This is her newest single guaranteed to get stuck in your head. I love all the retro styles in the video, and how about those cool marionettes of Missy and Pharrell?! Some little creepy cool lookalikes with string dance moves. As always Missy hits us with her impossible to replicate lyrics, so while I'm bobbin my head to the beat I won't be singing along to this one. Here's Where They From by Missy Eliott featuring Pharell.

Have a Super awesome week!

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