Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum Review

I usually don't get excited about anything to do with cleaning. I know some people pride themselves on having a take off your shoes don't mess up the carpets, eat off the floor, sparkling clean, everything in its place kind of house, but that just ain't me. When it comes to cleaning, I need it to be easy and quick so I can get on with everything else in my life that I truly enjoy so much more than scrubbing floors and cleaning rugs! This is exactly why I love my new Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum; it gets the job done right, fast, and easy, so I can get back to enjoying life.

Shark sent me the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum to review, and I'm excited to tell you all about it. This Shark is so pretty that you'd probably want it for it's looks alone, but let me tell you all the other reasons you'll want to put this Shark Rocket Powerhead on your holiday wish list.

The first thing you notice about the Shark Rocket Powerhead is how pretty it is. It's streamlined look makes for a stylish looking vacuum that you won't feel needs to be hidden in a closet. It's so pretty, you may even feel tempted to string some lights on it and call it a holiday decoration, but resist the urge because you're going to want to use this vacuum and the holiday lights might just get in the way.

The design of the Shark Rocket Powerhead is about more than good looks. This design makes the vacuum incredibly lightweight and ridiculously powerful. Because all of the important working parts like the motor, filter, roller, and dust cup are located in one small area close to the floor, dirt and air have less distance to travel. This creates greater suckage that is so much more effective.

The long handle design also means the weight that you hold in your hand is a lot less; only a pound actually. In fact the whole vacuum only weighs 9 pounds total so it's real easy to move around.

The Shark Rocket Powerhead has 2 speeds that can easily be changed with one finger. The speeds give you options for what you're cleaning and can easily be switched between floors and throw rugs. If you have hardwood floors, you'll love that this has an additional roller that is gentle enough for cleaning hardwood floors. I like that the roller works so well on hard floors without spitting pieces back at me,which is what happens with many vacuums on hard floors if you don't shut the brush off. Not with the Shark Rocket Powerhead; the brush works great. It is so easy to clean up spilled cereal, or in my case the pieces of dog food that my dog picks out of his food dish and spits on the floor. (I don't know, some pieces he just doesn't like, thankfully I have this vacuum now.)

Finally, my favorite part, okay the awesome suckage is really my favorite part, but this is really close... It is so easy to empty and clean! If you're like me and have long hair, or your pets have hair, you know how the hair can get tangled around the roller brush. I'm sure you know all too well the hassle of trying to turn your vacuum upside down to get to the brush to cut all the hair off so you can use it again. If so, you're going to love this...

The roller is easy to access and it pops right out for easy cleaning, or to swap to the hardfloor brush. I don't know about you, but to me this is pure genius! Really, the whole vacuum is genius. It is so easy to use, and boy is it powerful! Take a look at this...

This is the dust cup after I completed the video below. 2 things to note about this; first is all the pet hair that it picked up with ease, and second is the dust. That white dust is from powder that
I put down on my carpet probably 2 months ago. This room has been vacuumed multiple times with a different vacuum since then including the day before, but the Shark Rocket Powerhead still picked all that up! This things seriously Sucks! And, that is a really great thing!

More things to know about the Shark Rocket Powerhead:
  • Handle is height adjustable (this is great to make comfortable for you, to store under a shelf or go ahead...put the kids to work)
  • Assembly is easy because it is mostly together out of the box; just remember to push height adjust button when connecting it, and undo your velcro strap before putting your brush holster on.
  • The filters are washable, so you don't have to buy new filters, just rinse them out once a month and let dry.
  • The dust cup is smaller than most so you will have to empty it more often, but the better suckage is totally worth it to me.
  • It maneuvers easily so go ahead and put on your favorite tunes and dance your carpets clean.
For more info on the Shark Rocket Powerhead visit

Push button to open dust cup unit and access filters
Filters are easily removed to be rinsed clean
Brush holster keeps hard floor brush accessible

Disclosure: I received this product for free for the purposes of completing this review. All opinions expressed are my own and reflect my honest opinion of the product. This site uses affiliate links but no other compensation was received.

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