Fun New Christmas Songs for 2015

Christmas is coming up on us fast. Do you have all your shopping done? I certainly don't! But, I have started taking advantage of some cooler weather with some holiday baking, and the house is all decked out for the Yuletide season. And of course, I've got Christmas music playing! Here's a few of the fun new Christmas songs that I'm enjoying on this Music Monday.

This one is from an all star group calling themselves Band of Merrymakers. There's so many people in it, it's sorta like a Where's Waldo...How many singers do you recognize in this song? "Snow Snow Snow" Was that Mark McGrath!

Train has given us a fun song to get us through the season. "Merry Christmas Everybody"

I'm loving this new song from The Killers and I can't seem to look away from this video (kinda like a train wreck.)

Enjoy all the fun holiday music and have a great week!

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