5 Favorite Songs from Glenn Frey

What a rough week it has been with sad news abound. It was only a week ago that we lost the great David Bowie, that was followed up by the great loss of the wonderfully talented Alan Rickman, and now Glen Frey has passed away at the age of 67. Unlike my first kiss with David Bowie, I don't have a story of when I discovered Glen Frey and the Eagles; in fact, it seems like their music has just always been there for me.

My father and I always sung along to whatever music was playing on our car rides together, and that was often rock music including The Eagles, and later Glenn Frey's solo work. That may be why I feel such an attachment to music, because there wasn't a whole lot of conversation happening between Dad and I, but we could always agree upon good music. Thanks to Glenn Frey for contributing so much to music and to my car rides with Dad. He leaves behind quite a soundtrack of songs that trigger memories for many of happy times.

Here's some of my favorite songs from Glenn Frey and The Eagles.

May you all have a wonderfully blessed week.

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