Music Monday, Deadpool, White Rabbit, and Duckie.

It's Monday and that means music. This week, I want to talk about music in movies. I love a good movie, and I especially love a good movie with a great soundtrack. In fact the music of a movie is often one of the first things I notice. Music can set the tone for the movie, will it be serious, fun, sad; just like our week, we can set the tone by kicking it off with some fun music.

First up, a fun song highlighted in Deadpool, which is a super fun movie. If you haven't seen it, go, it's worth it, but seriously leave the kids at home...but, um get someone to watch them, geesh, don't be that kind of parent! :) This is Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa.

One of my favorite Disney Characters is the White Rabbit. I love the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit. P!nk is an awesome performer, so I'm happy to see it all come together in the upcoming movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. P!nk has recorded White Rabbit, and I'm excited to say that she'll be heading into the studio to record an original song for the movie.

This leads me to another good song from a great movie. Pretty In Pink is 30 years old this year. Can you believe it? Wow! If you Leave was written for the movie when the studio decided to change the ending that originally had Andie living happily ever after with Duckie! So glad they changed that one!

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