Self-Love Songs By Women for Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, and this is the first Monday in March, so for today's Music Monday, let's hear from the ladies. We have a lot of women to thank for all that has been accomplished. They wouldn't have achieved a thing without a strong confidence in what they were standing up for and a even stronger belief in themselves. The same is true for all of us even now, if we want to achieve anything we have to start with achieving self-confidence and that special inner power that says "I'm worth it."

If you're not already feeling the power that is women, these songs should help because they are all about loving yourself, which as Whitney Houston said is "the greatest love of all." Did you hum a little just now? I certainly did. Remember you have something to give the world, for that you are beautiful, so love yourself the way you are!

So let's see what some of the women in music have to say about loving yourself.

Have a wonderful empowered week!

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