5 Songs For Tax Day

It's Monday and it's Tax Day, not a great combination, but hopefully not as bad as it sounds. Hopefully, like me, you took advantage of the weekend and got those taxes done and done! Each year as my kids ages got higher, the tax refund gets lower. I'm happy that I'm still getting a refund, but I think it's time to face reality that with both my daughters out of college, it may be the last year for that. So, unlike that year the oldest turned 16 and I was surprised by the loss of the child tax credit, I'm gonna try to get in front of this change and make some adjustments because the only thing worse than paying the taxman is being surprised about paying the tax man. Ugh! Now, enough talk about taxes, let's let the music speak.

It's Music Monday, and this week is all about the hard work we do for the money we need. Here's 5 songs for Tax Day.

Now get out there and do that work you do with a song in your head and a groove in your step. Work hard but not too hard because Life should be fun!

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