Prince and Dancing With Girl Scouts

Like many people, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the the death of Prince. I wouldn't call myself a fangirl, but I do have a great appreciation for his artistry and his contributions to music. As an 80's girl, I think Prince's music has been a huge part of my life's soundtrack. There was, "Little Red Corvette" and "Kiss" and I still break into a chorus of "Raspberry Beret" when I think of shopping at the Five and Dime; yeah my small town still had one of those when I was little.

Oh, and Remember when we actually thought 1999 might be the end of the world? So, naturally, we were going to have the most epic party to compare all other parties to and the Purple one realized the need for a theme song for those awesome parties. ♪Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999

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Probably the biggest impact on me, and I'm sure every other 80's girl, was Purple Rain. Purple Rain was one of the cassettes I ordered for the super low cost of a penny, yes a penny for all 8 cassettes...well a penny and half of my soul. Anyway, I got Purple Rain, and I played it over and over and over. I couldn't get enough of it. It went to girl scout camp with me, and the girls in my cabin made up dances for each song and played it until our troop leader told us to keep it down, then we played it some more, but a little quieter, and then a little quieter still.

As I got older, the songs took on new meaning, as I began to understand the meanings behind them. I began to see how Prince's music gave a message to express yourself, enjoy yourself, and just be yourself. That is the importance of Prince, not just the music, but the freedom of expression. We are all artists in one way or another, and we must know that it is okay to let that artist be free.

Next month, I will be traveling to Minneapolis for a fun trip that includes a visit to the very club that Purple Rain was filmed in. What was already going to be a meaningful music adventure, is now sure to be that much more emotional, with the loss of this one of a kind artist.

Have a musically awesome week!

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