A Weekend Trip to Mall of America

Back in the early 90's, I heard about this mystical mall creature with 4 floors of shopping, an aquarium, and an amusement park all under one roof. An amusement park inside the mall! I knew that someday I had to go there and see it for myself. Last week that someday came. I went to the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

As I walked past the Lego store and in to Nickelodeon Universe, I was instantly transformed into a kid again. This was a teenager's dream, so many stores to shop in, plus movies, rides, games, and oh so much more! Can you imagine growing up with this as your local mall hangout spot? Oh the fun!

I rode a roller coaster, played games, ate fried cheese curds, and laughed with some Nickelodeon characters. I also found some great deals at some of my favorite stores and got a massage while hubby got his hair cut; this place is so much more than just a mall!

Besides the sheer size of the Mall of America, (by the way, it is massive,) I was most surprised by how clean it is. With the thousands of people that come through everyday, and the sticky sweet treats being served, I expected it to be dirty and dated, but it was clean and modern.  Mall of America has not only maintained the facility, but they've continued to add new stores, rides, and attractions.

The newest attraction is FlyOver America, a flight simulation ride that uses the newest technology to soar over America. With the wind in your hair, the mist on your skin, and the scent of fresh pine over the trees, it's easy to forget that it's a simulated ride. Each flight is intro'd by a little video that highlights music genres from America in one safety song. The song is campy, but enjoyable if you allow yourself to have fun with it. The flight itself lasts about 10 minutes and is well worth the ticket price.

With so many things to do including putt putt golf, a mirror maze, and of course shopping, the Mall of America attracts thousands of visitors, but it never had that overcrowded feeling. There were times that it seemed more crowded than others, but it was still easy to move around, and the employees seemed genuinely happy, even on a busy holiday weekend.

Mall of America made for a fun weekend, and with so much still that I didn't do, and an expansion in the works, (can you believe it's going to be even bigger?!) In know we'll go back. It was only a short train ride from the Minneapolis St. Paul airport, so it might be a good place to go on a future layover when I'm in need of some childlike fun.

Nickelodeon Universe laser show
Laughter with Spongebob and Patrick 

Spongebob Plunge is 1 of 5 roller coasters at Mall of America

Lego Store at Mall of America

Just a couple of Ninja Turtles

Jimmy Neutron ride

I experienced Nickelodeon Universe as part of an event. The opinions expressed are my own. This site uses affiliate links.

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