Songs of Positivity, Because We Need More Peace and Love

Music has always been an incredible force, one that soothes, heals, and uplifts. It is a medium in which many messages have been shared over the years. With all the violence and negativity in the world, we could all use some positivity and one place we can find it is in music. If music isn't your thing find positivity in travel, nature, family...look for it it's there. Sometimes we focus so hard on the negative in our world that we forget it is full of good, and sometimes you have to be the good that the world needs. Look around there is inspiration everywhere.

Here's some of the best songs of positivity that I'm listening to now.

I have to thank my daughter for introducing me to Nahko and his soothing peace loving songs. This one really speaks to me about making positive change in our lives.

Dirty Heads has a new album, and it is truly great. I love this first track that reminds us to be in the moment and love life. I expect to be hearing a lot about this band as they go mainstream with this new album. There currently on tour with Sublime with Rome, look for them and go see them for some more of their unique California sound.

Frank Turner is a very different sound from the ones above, but I always like the folksy rockin' good tracks he makes. Each one has a message of positivity and enjoying life; something we need more of.

So what songs with a positive message are you listening to? Where do you find inspiration? Tell me I want to hear them!

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