Another Day in Paradise

This morning, I woke up, (way too dark out) early. (the norm) According to my alarm clock, I was (way too many snooze buttons) late (also the norm.) We are a one car family, (since the repo-man came a knockin, earlier this year) so this means: I get dropped off at work each day where I proceed to torture myself at the on site gym (which the company sites as a benefit, but charges me just the same for using it. Aren't benefits supposed to be something they give you?) I then hit the shower (my favorite part of day, I'd love work if I could just stay in that shower all day) and get ready for another day in paradise.

Now, I know the song Another Day in Paradise is written for us to really appreciate that we really do have paradise in comparison to some, and believe me, I'm grateful to have a job, and, for the moment, still have a roof over my head, but this morning, it's the refrain running through my head "♫ ♪ ♫Oh, think twice, it's another day for you and me in paradise.♫ ♪ ♫" As it's running through my head, I think "clearly this is a sign, I should listen, and think twice about going to my own personal cubicle paradise." Again, it repeats in my head as I hum along, and I think "that's it, this song is in my head for a reason!" "Today is the day I stop working for big corporation, and start living for myself!" "I am thinking twice, and that's enough for me!" "I quit!"

I think about: how happy I'm gonna feel to tell my boss I'm leaving, and how everyone is gonna cry, and beg me not to leave, and one of my employees will wrap herself around my leg, as I try to walk away, and I'll drag her with me, as she pleads for me to stay, because no boss will ever be as good. I'll tell her to stop acting like a child, and get off my leg, (not that holding on to some one's leg to get them to stay is not effective, because I have certainly done this, and it worked, he married me, but in this case, not at all appropriate.)

This is going to be a great day! I smile a huge Cheshire Cat grin, as a new song is now flowing through my head. That Johnny Paycheck classic that is soon to be my war cry "♫ ♪ ♫Take This Job and Shove It!♫ ♪ ♫"

So I march into my office, looking extra fabulous, (because on a day like this, one must pay extra attention to her makeup,) and I sit down to write my resignation.

I reach into my top drawer to get a pen, and...there it is... staring me in the face in Big Red Letters: "Final Notice." It's my electric bill right where I stuck it yesterday, so I would remember to pay it, because apparently if you don't pay for your electric, you don't get to keep your electric. Ugh!

Completely deflated, with the realization, that in order to continue to have a roof over my head, cute shoes on my feet, and food on my plate, I must have a paycheck. I shut my drawer, power up my computer, check my calendar, and slowly hum "♫ ♪ ♫oh, think twice, it's just another paradise♫ ♪ ♫"


  1. don't we all have these days?? i know i do, infact, i almost had one today! there are days when i wish that i could just voulenteer the rest of my life, because i could do it, get the joy from it, and when i wasn't excited about it any more, i wouldn't have to go back!

    so, until the day i hit the jackpot, i guess i'll keep working, and sucking up to any and everyone that can help me get ahead! :)

  2. Sucky days suck. Sorry things are rough right now. Thanks for adding my button to your page. It means you aren't embarrassed to admit you know me. Wish I could say the same thing about my kids:)!


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