I Can't Take Anymore First Days of School

Quotes from the first day of school:

Morning: (Theme song Wake me up by Wham)
"It's too early to smile, it hurts my face." #1
"I don't want to smile, I want to take it this way." #2
"Hurry up and take the picture, mom!" #2 (after only picture number 3-when she was younger I could take like 20 before she complained)
"How do I look?" #2
"how's my hair?" #1
"Are you sure my hair looks ok?" #1
"Are you gonna brush your hair?" Thanks, for joining the conversation, Dad!

Off they went, to the same school but in different modes of transportation. Daughter #1 sloughed her way to the bus stop, and Daughter #2 was off with a friend to meet another friend for coffee and donuts before school. (of course leaving me worrying about her actually getting to school)

Middle of day text from Daughter #1:
"cut ankle-bled on shoe"
"Did you get a bandaid?"
"nope pulled sock up"
"not stayin after school"
"I have 2 much hw!"

At this point, I'm thinking, "really, how much homework, can she have?!" "it's only the first day," and more importantly "How did she cut her ankle, bleed all over her new white shoes, and not bother with a bandaid!"

Evening: (Theme song I'm in a hurry by Alabama)
"School Sucks!" #1
"so how's your ankle?" "can your shoe be cleaned?!" me
"what?! Oh, it's nothing just a little blister." #1 (are you kidding me?! nothing?!)
"what's for dinner?" #1
"I really don't like school!" #2
"Can we eat Taco Bell?" #2 (the Taco Bell queen)
"I have so much homework!" #1
"Pre-calc is the wrong class for me" #1 (well, duh! We said that during class selection)
"The kids in there are like, crazy weird smart" #1
"you're crazy weird smart too, Hunny."
"No I'm not! not like that!" #1
"My teacher's crazy!" #1
"I have to pick a french name" #2
"I get to disect a cat!" "and it will already be shaved!" "and we get to go to the morgue!" #1 (anatomy class, I'm not raising some future serial killer, here.)
"I need more binders, and paper, and dividers." #2
"I need a 1 1/2" binder" #1
"Of course you do, by when?"
"Tomorrow" #1&2
"Mom, you need to sign my papers!" #1
"Can I finish making dinner, first?!"
"mom, can you sign this?" #2
"yes, give it to me."
"Is dinner done, yet babe?" hubby
"I know that's what the rules say, but it's not true." #2
"Mom, I need to use the computer!" #2
"That teacher I had as a freshman, now she's nice to me, she's weird." #1
"I'm tired, I'm going to bed" #2
"I hate getting up early." #1

"OMG! finally, they're in bed!"
"I'm soooooo tired!"
"When's school out again?" (song in my head When it's Over by Sugar Ray)


  1. This post scares the beegeezes out of me. We have 3 boys and 2 went to 2nd grade this year. It isn't really going to be that bad is it???

    Stopping by from SITS - love your blog, going to read more :)

  2. I feel your pain. My favorite first daily quote this year. "I hate these pants. I'm never wearing these to school." Of course she wore them 3days later. Good lucj with the rest of the school year.


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