I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

♪I get by with a little help from my friends♪

 I can always count on friends to give me a good laugh when I need it.

The other day while in the shower at the gym, my friend tells me about her Sunday morning.

She left her phone at a friend's house, after a late night party. Because she no longer has a house phone, she got up early to go to the apartment office to use the phone. Turns out the office doesn't open til noon on Sunday, so she got in her car to go find a payphone (yes, they do still exist, but, yes, they are nearly extinct and apparently highly endangered.) She gets to the payphone...no receiver, it's completely gone! The receiver! Why would you take a receiver?! Really?! What are you going to do with just a receiver?!

She gets back into her car to drive to the next payphone, and Yes! it has a receiver! Yay! but, ok, wait, nope, it's missing the mouthpiece, Ugh! So sensing that it would make for a difficult and one sided phone call, she opts to drive to the grocery store to use their phone.

Upon arriving at Publix, Jane, feeling like a homeless person without her phone, asks with much embarassment, (only after looking around to make sure no one will hear her,) if she can use their phone. The phone is behind the customer service counter, and the cord is all knotted up, so as she is almost pulled over the counter by the resistance of the phone cord, she goes to give the number to be dialed to the clerk and realizes that she doesn't have the number of the person who has her phone! Instead she must call the only number she has memorized which happens to be the mom of the friend where she left the phone. Because of the embarrassing position she is in laying over the counter, she figures it would be best not to try to get the number and have to make a second phone call. So, she actually calls her friend's mom to ask to come over to use the phone so she can call the person who has her phone. She is using a phone to ask to use a phone!

And, it is this that hits me as so funny, that I am laughing hysterically and I forget that I am washing my face and instead, I put conditioner all over my face! Which of course makes me laugh even harder.

Same day, different friend:
My friend, Mo, tells me how her 5 year old began calling tampons: "butt plugs" (you see where this is heading?) Apparently, since they haven't had the "boys are different than girls" conversation yet, and she is a single mom, he figures when they disappear, that they must be going somewhere, so it must be up her butt. So, on a recent trip to buy more Playtex, her son, never one to speak quietly, announces to the store: "Mom, don't you have enough butt plugs, at home?!" Yup, it happened!

For a funny post about the boys and girls are different conversation, check out The Birdies and the Bees at Parenting by Dummies. She cracks me up!

♪I get by with a little help my friends♪


  1. Thanks for sharing the love on your blog. I'm glad you enjoy my rantings and want to share them with others. Feel free to put a she's-smarter-than-she-sounds spin on it; I don't do a very good job of making myself seem too sharp:)!

  2. Haha how awkward would that be having to borrow a phone to call someone to ask to use their phone. I can't believe there were problems with not one, but both pay phones.

    Love the butt plug story as well. Soo embarrassing!

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