Could Have Been the Champagne

The past couple of days, I've been nursing a terrible sinus headache, well, really all week, but I finally gave in and stayed home, yesterday. Joining me, in my suffering yesterday, was #1, the 16 year old, who was hacking and blowing in a lovely shade of yellow. In between all this ruckus, she actually said to me "I don't understand why I'm sick! I don't hang around with sick people!"

No kidding, that's what she said, and when I started laughing she said "Why are you laughing? I'm asking you a question!" which sent me into a belly laughing furry.

Last weekend, before I got attacked by the sinus monster, hubby and I went with the usual cast of characters to Crue Fest. We started tailgating at 2:00, so by 2:30 I had downed a couple of XL Jaegerbombs (my drink of choice.) We listened to a mix CD of all the bands playing the concert (not quite the same as a mix tape, but it will have to do) ♪He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood♪ played some washer toss (great game that requires tossing a washer into a box, and gets much more entertaining when mixed with frosty libations) and had a great time.

We wandered into the concert around 5 and by 7 our best couple friends were in an argument. One of those silly little arguments that couples have that make everyone around them think "Really?! you're arguing about that?" He wanted to hear ♪Bad Bad Girlfriend♪ by Theory of a Deadman, and she wanted to go see Cavo sing ♪could've been the champagne♪, both of which could have been achieved if the alcohol wasn't making their brains a little fuzzier than normal. Instead it escalated into some ginormous fight that had them throwing the "D" word around, and the rest of us thinking "Well, Crap! this sucks! and what does this mean for tomorrow's party at their house?!"

That's right, when friends have stupid fights, I don't worry about the stability of their relationship, or which one I will hang out with after the divorce, but instead I was worrying about the next day's party, and wishing they would just have some fun so I can fully enjoy Godsmack! ♪I Stand Alone♪

By the way, the next day's party was great! The alcohol wore off, and while I don't know the details, I'm sure their was some great making up. ♪could have been the champagne, the champagne♪