Who's Grimace? or a Mcdonald's Kid

I'm in an eighties mood today. Think: Careless Whisper by Wham.

It all started with Grimace. Grimace, as in the purple guy at Mcdonalds, not a grimace, as in ugh, although there was definitely some of that too.

For those of you that don't know, Mcdonalds has beanie babies again with their Happy meals. If you're like me, just the thought of Beanie Babies brings back terrible nightmarish thoughts of the craze of the late 90's where you had to wait in long lines just to collect each and every one of these disgustingly loveable little critters. (nightmares accompanied by Back Street Boys- Everybody)

Okay, bad thought, gone, back to my Careless Whisper moment. So, Mcdonalds has beanie babies, and the exciting part, at least for me, they have Mcdonalds characters as beanie babies. Naturally, I ordered myself a happy meal in hopes of getting one of the little purple guys. No luck, got some really ugly critter, so I asked my 16 year old daughter to go see if they have a Grimace to trade, and she says... "A what?!" I say, "Grimace," only much slower this time, because surely in my excitement...
Again she says"what?" and this time the 14 year old joins in to help her sister, because, surely, mom has lost her mind and is now speaking gibberish: "Mom, what are you talking about?!" (Twilight Zone theme song playing in my head because I have clearly entered another dimension)

"Really?" "You don't know who Grimace is?" "Grimace, the big, fuzzy purple friend of Ronald?"

They say: "you mean Barney, the purple dinosaur?" My jaw drops on the floor in disbelief (of course there it is unavoidable, the Barney "I love you, you love me..." running on a loop in my head.)

What is wrong with my children, that for all the years of coming to Mcdonald's they don't know Grimace?! What kind of mother am I? This gets me thinking about the 80's, and how important Mcdonald's was in our lives (not just my life, because hubby seems to agree, so I'm not just some McDonald's freak, well maybe, a little.)

Mcdonalds was not just a place to eat, it was like an experience, a gathering, of friends, and family. You didn't go everyday just to get something to eat, so it was a special treat.

Remember Mcdonald's birthday parties? not just tell people to come join you at Mcdonalds, but actual Mcdonald's organized birthday parties with a tour of the kitchen and everything.

I even had my own Mcdonalds restaurant with mini trays, and a drive-thru, for my Fisher Price People. I was a true Mcdonalds kid!

When I was 5, My Grandmother stood in line with me just to have the opportunity to meet Ronald, and as a surprise, Grimace, Hamburgler, and Mayor Mccheese were all there. Now that was an exciting day! (Call Me- Blondie)

I even did a school field trip to Mcdonald's in 2nd grade for the grand tour, and make your own burgers.

And the crowning moment...the introduction of Chicken Mcnuggets! The lines were out the door to get some of these golden nuggets of chicken with special dipping sauce. (What a Feelin...Flashdance-Irene Cara)

Now, all that excitement that was once there is gone, and Mcdonalds has become such common place. In a hurry, just stop at Mcdonalds.

The good thing is: My daughters now know who Grimace is, and on one of their later trips to good ol' Mickey D's, they got me not one but 2 of those fabulous purple guys! and I'm back to thinking 80's but loving the new millennium with Careless whispers still playing, but this time with more edge by Seether.


  1. Lol! really enjoyed your post! you are correct, the Barney songs are relly unavoidable:)

  2. Happy Saturday sharefeast in advance, SITSta!

  3. hey from sits!!!

    i feel the same way about barney songs!

  4. I LOVE Grimace! I had no idea that they made a Grimace Beannie Baby! I must get one ;0)

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

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