Get out tha Way

Everyone watch out! Not just one, but now, both kids have learners permits. ♪Get out tha way, Get out tha way♪

It happened, yesterday, the girls had a half day at school, so off we went to the DMV to get #2's learners permit. We walked in full of excitement, and within minutes, became part of the morbidly bored, waiting on our number to be called, victims of the DMV. Despite our best efforts, we had, indeed been infected with governmental beauracratic zombieism, and it was spreading to all who walked in the door.

Finally, our number was called, she answered some questions, "under penalty of perjury, blah blah blah" she took her picture, waited another 5 minutes, and her fresh warm permit was in hand, and with a cute picture!

After picking up hubby from work, we went to Hooters to celebrate (weird, I know, but she loves their salad.) ♪Celebrate good times, c'mon♪ (Kool & the Gang)

#1 has had her permit for a year (the required eligibility time in FL) but she is not quite ready for her license. She says she's a good driver, and I agree, she drives great, she just won't drive on the busy road, and she can't park, so as long as we only want to drive around our neighborhood and never stop, she'll do fine.

We leave Hooters, where #2 asks "Can I drive home?" "I have my permit!" as if the permit instantly makes her able to drive in rush hour traffic, when she's only previously driven a total of 100 feet in an empty parking lot?! I appreciate the enthusiasm, but no.

Meanwhile, #1 is being teased by Daddy about how #2 will have a license before her if she doesn't start practicing. So I chime in with, "I want you to be able to do some driving when we go to North Carolina." ♪Baby, you can drive my car♪(The Beatles)

Unexplainably, her jaw drops to the floor, and she whines "what?!" "I can't drive out of state!" "I won't know where I'm going!" "Why are you laughing?!" "Why is that funny?!" "Stop laughing, I don't see how that's funny!"

In the age of GPS, and Mapquest, she's afraid to drive out of our neighborhood, but she can't drive out of state, because she won't know how to get there?! OMG!