Today, hubby and I went with another couple to Universal Orlando. Hubby had a free promo ticket that came in the mail, randomly (I'm sure they figure you won't go by yourself, so you'll have to buy at least one ticket.) I actually, got a free ticket, as well, when they advertised to go online during the Superbowl! Woohoo! We fooled them, we bought absolutely zero tickets!

The bad part was that my ticket turned out to be a free 7 day pass, and because I have to work; I could only use it today! What a waste! ♪Wasting away again in Margaritaville♪ (Jimmy Buffett)

I am a Roller Coaster freak! I love them! (they must really be moving, though, not one of those pretend to be moving, simulated rides, those make me so sick!) So, I was excited to get to ride the new Rip Ride Rockit Coaster. I went online a couple nights before and picked which song I would listen to (it has a built in system where each person gets to choose a song to play on speakers behind their head.) I decided on Paralyzer by Finger Eleven, and was all ready to rock. The coaster was awesome!

The bad news: My speakers didn't work so I only heard the sounds of my screams, and there's not much rhythm to that.

Hubby got unexpectedly wet on the Jaws ride, because they changed it a little since we were there, last. The Mummy coaster was great, as always. I had to pass on The Simpsons ride (being that its simulated, and I didn't want to spew chunks all over Crusty the Clown,) but hubby went on it, and said it was Great! We ate some good food, and shared a very large blue drink with rum and other yummy stuff in it (it was so good, we got a refill.) We were scared on Dr. Doom (totally awesome) and got soaked on Popeye (I don't think there was dry spot on me.)

The bad part: The chafing! OMG! I was so wet that blue liquid started running down my legs! Seriously! It was dark blue and it was everywhere! I was concerned for a minute that I had some rare form of Smurfism, until I figured out that it was most likely from the dye in my panties, or shorts, or both, and I wasn't really sweating out my Gatorade in colors, (like the commercial.)

All in all it was a great day with great friends, and even the weather stayed nice for us. The bad part: I am so sore from all the walking, and the bumping around on rides, (and the chafing) that I can barely move. Of course, playing loudly on the speakers in my head ♪I get paralyzed♪

And the worst part: I have to work tomorrow! Bleh!

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  1. LOL: I love roller coasters too, although I am no longer secure in fair rides. I detest the chafing and refuse to get on anything where I get soaked.
    So glad you had fun!


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