I am Invincible

I have never driven a stick, and I really don't get the attraction. Why do all that work, when you can drive an automatic and not have to worry about a thing?! So, I admit I've never really cared to learn. Until, recently.

You might remember my friend, that got a DUI, a couple months ago. If you don't remember, It's all fun and games until or didn't read it the first time around, (which I would understand, because I don't know if anyone read it then) check it out now. I'll wait...

Okay, so Jess (picture Jessica Rabbit, she grabs every one's attention with her curves, keeps them with her fun personality) got a DUI and is going through the process which means that she can't drive for awhile. Since, she'll be relying on friends to get her where she needs to go, she thought it would be a good idea to let me drive her car while she's not using it. Great idea! except it's a stick!

She assures me it's not a problem, she can teach me, and throws around some "you are a strong woman, you can do anything" crap, which, I naturally fall right into with every woman's anthem by Helen Reddy in my head ♪I am strong, I am invincible♪

This is not my first rodeo ride with this learning the stick thing. When I was 16, my father took me to an empty parking lot, and said "You're driving." I proceeded to stall the car no less than 20 times just trying to get it into 1st, while good ol' dad laughed hysterically at my frustration, which just served to increase my frustration, and in turn increased laughter from him (apparently, I was the clown in this rodeo.) Needless to say, it was not a successful ride, and it was one that was never repeated.

So, here we go, almost 20 years later, and I finally dust off the dirt to get back on the horse, and learn to drive this thing. I start off trying to get into gear, and it stalls, and Jess giggles, and reassures me. I try it again and it jerks and stalls, and again she giggles. Again, the same thing, and again, and again. I'm getting frustrated, and have a deep desire to bang my head on the steering wheel to, what else, but the rhythm of Quiet Riot's ♪Bang Your Head♪. Jess is now rolling with laughter, and I am about to scream "Woman, or not, I can't do this!" when she points down between the seats to the lever in the up position.

"The emergency brake is on!" "Are you kidding me?!" "No wonder it won't go anywhere!"

At this, we're both laughing, and I am once again thinking ♪I am invincible, I am Woman♪

With the emergency brake off, I gently slide it into 1st and off we drive. (okay, so it wasn't really gentle, and it still stalled a few more times before I was actually going anywhere, but I did drive, and even got into 4th gear.)

Now to get out of the neighborhood.


  1. oh i love driving a stick.....
    my dad handed me the keys to "the car" that was to be mine....
    and said "if you want a car, you'll learn to drive it"
    and that is exactly what i did!

    i had to relearn to drive an automatic last year when we bought my bmw x3. my hubby and i found a stick x3 ... but it was $2000 more than the x3 we got, and was 3 states away. it took all i had not to drive with both feet....
    and there are still days that my old driving habits jump in and both feet try to help me drive!

    it is all about what we are used to!

    either way
    love this post!
    and sorry for being out and about!
    just loving spending time with my flake
    (and already got the first cold of the year...so ugh)

    i'll be back!
    i promise!

  2. I can't drive stick...probably couldn't to save my life...okay so I probably could if it was a life or death situation!! My husband has been trying to teach me but I suck!!

  3. I can't drive a stick either! My ex-husband tried to teach me a few times and he ended up so frustrated...as if I wasn't frustrated???!!! Sounds like you did much better than me!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day!

  4. I know I need to get back out there and practice more, but just not something I get excited about, it's kind of like the laundry; I know I should put it away, but...

  5. That is an awesome story!! :) Love Jess!

  6. This brings back memories of when I first learned to drive a stick. I learned in a friend's car too, and it's good that I did because a couple of years later, the car I owned was a stick and I'd have had to learn to drive it then.

  7. I can't drive one at all. Mom tried to teach me when she had a stick, before I knew how to drive at all. It did not go over well and soon after we got an automatic car. She tried again recently to teach me and it was just as bad of an experience, so I wish you luck and admire you for trying. I am NOT a fan.

  8. I learned how to drive a stick when the guys I went out with were all too drunk to drive how and the only car available was a stick so I had to learn fast. Imagine a 2 seater Mazda (this was years ago I was like 18) 3 people crammed in it and 3 marines trying to tell me how to drive it. Talk about trial by fire, but I did get the guys back to barracks safely and then drove myself home across the island. The best part of the whole thing was when the guy called me the next day and asked wheres my car?


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