Random Rants

This is a post about random things with totally no rhyme or reason, but I hope you'll read it just the same. Random song choice (also, for no real reason other than it's stuck in my head as I write this) Automatic by Powerhouse 5000

I get aggravated when people use religion as a descriptive for a person when it is not relevant. Ex: "They are good, Christian, people." Does this make them better than say Jewish people, or Wiccan, or Muslim people?! Why wouldn't you just say "they are good people?" Especially, when you don't know the audience you are speaking to! I've watched the prison inmate shows, and there are quite a few crosses tattooed on prisoners' arms. Do you think anyone says "he's a good Christian, thief?!" ♪Oh no, I've said too much, I haven't said enough♪ (Losing My Religion by REM)

A recent interaction really caught me off guard. I was talking about what I thought to be a pretty mundane subject (given my audience) when the next thing I know, my friend was clearly upset and actually managed to insult me in the process. Normally, I'm the "we need to talk" girl, but this was so, out there, that I don't even know where to begin. I know my friend will feel bad about hurting my feelings, and apologize, and I'm sure the apology will be heartfelt, but it doesn't change the "in the moment" things that were said, and the way I was left feeling.

If Patrick Swayze's soul is dancing around us? Is he now ♪like the wind next to me♪ (sorry! too soon and in bad taste, I know, but I had to get it out. RIP Patrick)

Why do employers think doing less for their employees, and telling them how they are lucky to have a job will actually make them work harder? Check out Roxane's recent post about her motivating employer (sarcasm implied) here.

My 15 yr old (#2) has an Asian friend whose mom makes a dish called Pendong? (how #2 says it, not sure how it's spelled) When it is Pendong night, I know my #2 will not be coming home for dinner, as was the case last night. So yesterday, she calls me to say "please, Mom, let me eat Pendong? I'll even bring you home some!" so naturally, when presented with the opportunity for me to get some food, I say "Yes!" so around 7:30, the front door opens, and #2 walks in with a paper plate with another plate on it as a lid, and I get excited about trying this famed dish (famous with #2, anyway.) she begins to tell me how hard it was to save it for me because it was so good, and presents me with the plate of.... 1 piece of meat! not like a big steak or even 1 rib, but 1 little maybe 2"x2" piece of meat! "sorry, Mom!" she says. (She's right, though it was really good!)

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