Your Songs by Harry Connick Jr.

Autumn is upon us, and today, finally, the air has a bit of a crispness to it that leaves me wanting to curl up with a blanket, a nice, pumpkin latte, and some relaxing, comforting tunes.

Thanks to One2One Network, I have been given the perfect album for doing this. Harry Connick Jr's new album, Your Songs.

On Your Songs, Harry takes classic favorites by greats such as Sinatra, Elvis Presley, & Elton John; mixes them with big band jazz styling, and his sexy voice to create something new and fresh that still respects the original piece.

Typically, I expect to have quite a few songs on an album that I don't care for, when I first listen. Then, after awhile, I may give them a chance and they grow on me. An album, like a new pair of shoes, usually requires a break in period. This album wasn't like that. I immediately fell in love with it, and listened to it from beginning to end repeatedly. It was comfortable like my old favorite shoes, but stylish like that pair of heels you keep for special occasions.

Of course, with any great album, I have my favorites. I especially love Harry's rendition of Smile, and Some Enchanted Evening. It's hard to take a Beatles song and improve on it, but, I think he's done just that with And I Love Her.

There is one song on the album that I could have done without, and that is Close to you. This is no fault of Harry's, I just have never liked this song, originally by The Carpenters. This version has made it tolerable, and yes, even slightly pleasurable, a true feat in itself.

So, if you've never purchased a Harry Connick Jr. album before, this is a great one to start with. If you're already a HCJ fan, this album will not fail you.

Now to curl up with that latte. (If I stare at his beautiful face on the cover while I'm listening, it's like my own personal concert.) ♪The first time ever I saw your face...♪

Don't miss Harry on the Today Show on 10/1 and on Rachael Ray next week.
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  1. One of my most treasured memories is watching HCJ at the Endymion Ball in New Orleans. I was a foot from the stage and he was just dreamy!!

  2. Such a glowing recommendation, I'd have to check the album out! Now if only I had a pumpkin latte on hand as well, sounds yummy! Thanks :)

  3. Commenting from the challenge. Did you see him on Oprah boasting about his love for his girls? Those kinds of statements make a man so handsom.


  4. I will have to check it out. I have always liked Harry Connick Jr.

  5. He is definitely dreamy. wow! Stalker, New Orleans, and HCJ?! what a package!

    Lucy, you are right, that is definitely part of his allure.

  6. I am right with you! "Close To You", really?

    But still, wow. What a talent. (Not bad to look at either :-> )


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