Weekends Were Made for Fun, not Thursdays

I never did the whole party college thing, in fact, I went straight from high school to marriage & babies. Instead of late night parties, we had late night try to get the babies back to sleep so we can have a little adult time and possibly get some sleep ourselves. I have vivid memories of changing wet sheets, puked on clothes, & dirty diapers all while trying to hold on to that little spark we had going in the bedroom. "Honey, hold that thought, I'll be right there!" "Just another minute, don't fall asleep yet!"

Now that our girls are older, and able to change their own clothes & sheets, (I stopped buying them diapers years ago.) now that they can fend for themselves, we figure it's our chance to do some serious partying. Well, as much partying as you can do on a limited budget and unlimited responsibilities (so mostly, it's Friday/Saturday night things followed by Sunday "rest"day. ♪Look out Weekends, cuz here I come, because weekends were made for fun♪ (Debbie Deb)

Well, last night we were somehow talked into a Thursday night out. Weeknight partying is completely unheard of from us, (the midweek dinner and drinks don't count because we're still home long before bedtime) and I don't know how it happened, one minute we're hanging out at the tattoo shop, next minute we're at a local college bar for nickel beer night, (Mom disclaimer: Do not read this if you have children in college, it will only serve to give you nightmares of what your child is ingesting, although, I'm sure your kids are perfect angels, and do not participate in such shenanigans) watching a bunch of kids play beer pong with random strangers. (A drinking game in which, under the influence of alcohol, they somehow think that cleaning the ball off in a cup of water will magically clean the ball of any germs from the floor, table, un-sanitized hands, etc. before throwing it into a beer that will soon be swallowed by the "loser" and this same cup of water is used for multiple cleanings, but it's okay because the "alcohol kills everything?" So why the water? I don't know, but apparently; they haven't read about the rise in herpes due to shared beer pong balls)

Nothing like a college bar to get you in the partying spirit. By the end of the night, hubby had umpteen nameless shots, of who knows what, and one shot known as a "Vaporizer" that involved 151, Sambuca, fire, inhaling the vapors, and drinking a dish of "? and sour," and our friends were using a beer funnel! Me? I was getting crazy with numerous double tall water on the rocks! I may have been in the partying mood, but someone had to be sober enough to drive home so we could get up for work this morning.

We got home around 2:00. Hubby showered first, and went to bed exhausted, where he got to listen to me yelling to him from the shower in an effort to hold onto that spark "Honey, hold that thought, I'll be right there!" "Just another minute, don't fall asleep yet!" It seems diapers, and wet sheets have been replaced, by sheer fatigue. (there's still the occasional pukey clothes, but now at least, we're all responsible for our own.) ♪Let's get it on, ooh let's get it *screech, record scratch*♪

This morning, after a much needed 2 hours of sleep, I awoke to an inquisition:
#1 "Where'd you guys go last night?"
me: "to a bar"
#2"what did you do?"
me"just hung out"
#1 "who'd you go with?"
me "friends"
#1"what time did you get home?"
me "around 2"
#2 "why'd you go out on a Thursday?"
me *silence*
because I'm asking myself the same thing ♪Why baby why baby why baby why♪ (George Jones)

and where did they learn to ask all these questions?!


  1. Wow heeheheeh. Good post.

  2. I'm sure they didn't learn to ask questions from you ;)

  3. Stopping by from Ann's GNO!
    Great post! Woo-hoo! Party on! :)

  4. Absolutely fantastic post! (My head hurts just reading your words ;->) Happy VGNO!

  5. I suppose Thursday is just as good a day as any as long as you don't have to much going on Friday ;) SOunds like date night just got kicked up a notch! (Visiting from SITS!)

  6. Hahahahahaha! Oh yes, hubby and I have those rare, very rare, party nights once in awhile and it takes us a week to recover!


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