She's Not 16 Going on 17

My oldest can now watch rated "R" movies, by herself, without me! Yes, yesterday, she turned 17! No more can I sing ♪you are 16 going on 17♪ Well, no more to her, but I'll sing it to #2 in a couple of years. They just love it when I change lyrics to meet my own needs (not really, they probably find it annoying, but, I do it anyway, after all, they, do things that annoy me, and I have the right to my own slightly evil amusement!)

So, her birthday was yesterday, we celebrated on Sunday with silly string, whip cream fights, presents, and chicken! #1 loves chicken! Yesterday was just a quiet night at home with her favorite Hamburger Helper; beef fried rice, (she loves the stuff,) and left over cake.

#1 loves 80's music (what can I say she's got good taste) so one of her gifts was Madonna's Greatest Hits, which was already blaring when I got home from work. ♪You must be my lucky star ♪ Now when we bought this for her, hubby questioned getting it because it doesn't have her favorite Madonna song, "Playground", on it. I said it's no big deal because she already has it on her MP3. Wouldn't you know it? that was one of the first things she pointed out! And, wouldn't you know? that her Daddy immediately pointed out how he noticed it?! And, how Mommy said it was ok?! (guess who's wrapped around her little finger?)

But, today's the day she's most excited for, the day she gets the best gift of all, that much awaited for gift, that every 17 yr old wants;
A shiny new...Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs DVD! (What'd you think it was? a car?! are you crazy?! She's still not driving on the main road (see Get out tha Way for a reminder) and I haven't figured out how to get my money tree to grow!)

Trust me, she really is excited about this gift. She has been talking about it since she found out it was being released from the vault over a month ago. Soon, we will hear endless tunes of ♪someday my prince will come♪ and, of course, ♪hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to work we go♪ I wish she was singing this as she was on her way to a job of some sorts, but for now, she's focused on her grades. But, once she gets over her little driving fear, a job will not be far off, because the insurance company will want a lot lot lot of money, and they don't seem to care that my money tree won't grow!

So until it does: (grow, that is) ♪Hi, ho, hi , ho, it's off to work I go♪

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