Writers Workshop- When I look in the Mirror

Today, I'm playing along with the Writers Workshop at Mama's Losin' it. There are 4 prompts to choose from. If you want more info, head on over there, I'll wait.

When I look in the mirror... I see ♪One Hot Mama♪ (Trace Adkins) I couldn't help it, that's what popped in my head at this prompt, and really, I do! Most days.
Most days, I love to look at myself in the mirror. I'm curvy, I have vibrant, curly, red hair, dark brown eyes, and a tan! Yes, I am the rare breed of red heads that tan! This is a result of my Native American/ French/ Irish heritage. Quite the mix! I had a breast reduction earlier this year, so I love how my "new girls" are so round and perky, unlike the old ones (G's) that hung to my knees, (okay, maybe not that bad.) I am so happy with my decision to do this surgery, that I don't even mind the nasty scars it left behind. I can now where halter tops, tanks with built in bras, and I feel great! I am sexy, fun, and alive!
Then, there are those other days. Those days, when my nice, kind, mirror seems to be replaced by an evil piece of glass, reflecting an image, that magnifies every little flaw 10 times over. My scars suddenly appear larger and darker, My curly hair won't do anything but frizz, my tired eyes seem to carry around their own set of luggage, and even my favorite outfit can't seem to hide my bulging, sagging, tummy. Over and over, I fix and refix my hair. My rage rises in me, and the brush goes flying. I scream in anger while throwing the temper tantrum of a 2 yr old. My room shows the evidence of the number of times I have changed my clothes. Nothing I do, will make me feel better on these days, when what I really want to do is crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. I take deep breaths to control my anxiety, as my husband kindly urges me to hurry along; we are late. So, I drag myself out the door feeling like the fat bearded lady on display at the circus. I make it through the day feigning a confidence that I don't really have, in hopes, that no one else will see, what I see in the mirror. To the voices in my head, and the evil mirror, I silently sing ♪I am beautiful, no matter what they say♪ (Christina Aguilera)

And you know, it never fails, that on one of these days, my skinny friend will complain to me about how she needs to go on a diet because she's so fat! Really, skinny friend?! You are a size 4, I'm a Four-teen! Did your mirror go evil on you too?!