Zombie weekend- Ruined

For 3 or 4 years, now, Hubby has been wanting to go the Screamfest Horror convention in Orlando. Every year, we say we're gonna go, and then when the time comes, I always find something else to spend the money on, and promise Hubby we'll go next year. Well, this year, I kept my promise! and then I ruined everything!

We went over on Friday with our fabulous friends that we were sharing a room with. We checked in and prepared ourselves for the Zombie walk. That's right I walked around as a zombie! A couple hundred zombies of all types, (even zombie Shrek & Fiona joined in while chewing on pieces of donkey) walked down International Drive and to the convention center. It was incredibly hot, but a lot of fun. ♪Zombie, Zombie, Zombie♪ (The Cranberries)

Over the weekend, we did some horror memorabilia shopping, watched some movies at the Freak film Festival, took part in a makeup workshop with Bloody Mary, (my dear friend was kind enough to let me make her look like road rash, so much fun!) discovered some new music from the live bands, ♪Return of the Living Dead, Return Return retuuuuurn♪ (by Ghoultown: unique band out of Texas with a great sound, and amazing stage presence, although their CD doesn't do them justice :0( and most exciting for hubby; we met many, really cool people from various horror films.

See, hubby loves loves Scary movies, and he shares this love with #1. I'm more of a book girl, so for me the exciting part was the writing workshops with various authors including Lynne Hansen who writes young adult horror/historical fiction including a book about zombies in the Civil War. Cool, huh?! Scott Kenemore writes comical zombie books. He was on the panel for dealing with writers block, and I loved his personality. He was very honest, even speaking about his own narcissistic need to read about himself on the Internet. (Are you reading this, Scott?) He talked about how he deals with writers block, and how he saves ideas, and inspirations until he can use them. Like I said, great guy.

Hubby's big moment came when he got to meet and be choked by Kane Hodder, who played Jason the most times (and his opinion; the best portrayal) in the Friday the 13th movies. Do you hear it? ♪kikiki chchch♪ He also met, Bill Mosseley from House of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects, & Repo, and George "The Animal" Steele; wrestling great and really nice guy.

For all these fun things we did, I took tons of pictures. All the special moments with celebrities, all our great costumes, all the silly times, Shannon Doherty all alone (because she thought she was worth twice as much as anybody else, really, what was she thinking?!) everything, if it happened, I took a picture!

So, where can you see these great pictures? Well, I don't know! For some reason, my brain has decided that I am no longer allowed to remember things of importance, so I set my uber super nice, nearly new, very expensive, camera on the floor, and left it there! Just walked away with out even a second thought! Didn't even think about it until I got back home hours later, and realized what I had done. Un-freaking-believable! What an idiot! ♪I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me♪ (Beck)

Of course! the hotel doesn't have it! and of course! they'll call if it shows up! Of course! Someone else is enjoying a really cool camera with 2 memory cards, a case and some fabulous pictures! All, because I can't remember the simplest little things! but ask me some useless fact or, song lyric, and I'm all over it! Absolutely Ridiculous!

As you can tell, I'm pretty upset about this, so I expected a little comfort from hubby. A little: "It's ok, we'll get a new camera" "no big deal, at least we have the memories" or "Babe, I know you didn't mean to leave it. I enjoyed our time together, and I love you so much nothing is more important who needs pictures with celebrities, anyway?!" (Ok, maybe that is a stretch too far, but you get my point.)
Instead, I got "Are you freakin Kidding Me?!" "How the hell do you forget a $1000 camera?!" I know, a normal reaction, after all, I was yelling at this point too. But still.
The next part is what really bothered me, his Facebook Status: " The best weekend ever, like a kid in a candy store........Ruined"

Ruined?! Really?! I mean I'm upset about it, and downright pissed at myself, and it totally sucks that we can't replace the pictures, and really really sucks that I saved forever for that camera, and I'll have to wait months to get a new one but ,Ruined?! WTF?!

We had a dang good time, and the memories are what matters! Right?! And now we'll just have to do it all again next year. Right?! This calls for a full reenactment of our fun crazy, zombie filled weekend! Only, this time, hubby can keep track of the camera, because I'll be lucky to remember to put clothes on! and no one wants to see naked cellulite zombie! ok, maybe someone does, but let it be some other naked cellulite girl!


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