What do you mean, they robbed a liquor store?!

I was all ready for a girl's night out, and I was heading to Jessica's house to meet up for a fun evening out. ♪ Well, it's a girl's night out♪ (The Judds)

That's when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but it was local, so I answered it. Then my heart sank!

My daughter (#1) was crying hysterically and trying to tell me what happened. She was scared and upset, and kept apologizing. I had to ask her to slow down, so I could understand what was going on, because all I could think about was all those discussions about not getting in the car with someone who had been drinking. She slowed down, and I focused on her words and thankfully, she wasn't hurt, but..

#1 is by nature, a good kid. She is meek and mild, and sweet and innocent. She focuses so hard on getting good grades, and staying out of trouble, that sometimes, I worry that she's not having any fun, at all. Well, she certainly, had her fun this weekend!

She was supposed to be at her best friends house, but her and her best friend decided to go to another friends house. When they got to his house, some friends of his, asked if the girls could give them a ride to the grocery store. Of course, being the sweet girls they are, they said "sure" and off they went.

When they got to the store, the girls stayed in the car talking while the boys went inside. Suddenly, the boys jump back in the car and yell "Go! Go!"

The best friend, is driving away, when #1 turns to see the store manager running out. She tells her best friend "Stop, he's writing down your tag."
The boys yell "Just go!"
And they drive away, only to find out, when they get to the house, that the boys had each shoplifted a bottle of alcohol, and the store manager reported the 2 girls to the police as the get away car.

My Good Girl Straight A Honor Student was now an accomplice to a crime! So much for all that effort in getting good grades and staying out of trouble! That meek and mild, good naturedness has just gotten her into major trouble. And considering the alternatives of the situation, (with older boys & alcohol, at a house off in the woods where no one knows where they are; you can paint all kinds of terrible scenarios.)

So, we spent a few hours talking to police and trying to track down the boys, because they ran off with the alcohol (which the store manager was saying he needed returned in order to drop the charges.) The girls signed their written statements, got a lecture from the officer about only being as good as the people you're with, and we were told we could go home.

We now wait to find out if the girls are going to face any charges. #1 is currently a prisoner of her own home, with no known release date. During her sentence, she has lost all phone and computer privileges, and is serving hard time on the chain gang of household chores.
♪ That's the sound...workin on the chain gang♪ (Sam Cooke)

And, oh! Is it killing me; this sentence, she's serving! I want to just wrap my arms around her and tell her it will be okay, and give her everything back. I must stay strong and dish out that tough love. But who is it toughest on?!


  1. Wow - I'd be struggling about the sentence there with you. At least she confessed!

  2. wow, that is a tough one... as MamaO said at least she called you. She was trying to do the right thing. A hard lesson for sure.

  3. Wow...I agree...a tough lesson to learn and let's hope she learns it without having a record to boot.

  4. Stopping by from SITS.... That is a tough lesson.

  5. Oh Goodness! I hope she learns her lesson. That's apart of growing up, we all tend to be a little naive at times. I hope they don't file charges.


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