The Scale and Random Thoughts

I rarely step on a scale for 2 reasons:

1. Because I think it is not always accurate to getting in shape. Muscle weighs more, you can tell when you're clothes fit better, etc... blah, blah, blah

2. I just don't like what it has to say! and it usually says the same thing! (which reminds me of Rihanna and her songs that always seem to have an echo) ♪Umbrella ella ella♪ ♪Shut up and drive ive ive♪

Today was different! The scale sang a different tune! One of happiness, & delight (not Deee-lite) ♪Groove is in the heart♪ although that is a nice, upbeat tune :)

It told me that I had finally, finally, broke through the barrier! I had made it up the wall (like "See-gar!" in Officer and a Gentleman) and I can now say: "I am under 200lbs!" (and that's with the extra thanksgiving cheesecake!)
♪Go me go me it's my birthday, it's my birthday♪ (can you see me dancing around the room?)

**We got some good news, today. One of the boys that took the Alcohol (need to catch up? read: What Do You Mean, They Robbed a Liquor Store? go ahead, I'll wait) so, one of the boys, turned himself in, and allegedly, told the officer that the girls were not involved. So, maybe, just maybe, my #1 won't be charged, and she'll get to serve a lesser term.
♪And the warden sang, come on somebody♪ (Ol' Red by Blake Shelton)

** It's December! I love the Yuletide season! Never have enough time, but, still I love it! We have taken some of the decorations down from the attic, and the rest will come down this weekend ♪Deck the halls, with bows of holly♪

**17 days until my weekend Getaway to New Orleans! Excited because I love the City, the food and the people, and this time We are seeing a Burlesque show at The House of Blues! Can't wait! ♪Goin down to New Orleans♪ (Kid Rock)

**As some of you may know, I lost my fabulous camera in October (Zombie Weekend Ruined) and now I can't decide if I want the same one (Fuji S2000HD) or if I'll get the Nikon L100, but I need to decide because obviously I'll want new pics of NOLA.

Theme song of the day: ♪Just open your eyes, and see that life is beautiful♪ (Sixx AM)

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  1. Congrats to you on the weight loss...I'm just starting my journey, wish me luck! Hope that your #1 doesn't get charged!


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