Writer's Workshop Signs

It's Writer's Workshop day again at Mama's Losin' it. Today's prompt: If you were the type to believe in "signs," describe a "sign" you have received from someone.

♪Sign, sign, everywhere a sign♪
I am a definite believer in signs, karma, fate, etc. Things happen for a reason. Whether it is your ancestors that have passed, or the universe around you trying to tell you something, it is happening for a reason! so you must pay attention to signs!
Just look at The Final Destination movies. If those kids hadn't paid attention to the signs, they would have all died in one big fiery accident, instead of extending their life long enough to live their last moments stressing about death chasing them and ultimately dying alone, but in much more exciting death scenes. So, see signs are very important!
And what about that sign that said "wet floor"? You ignored that sign and look at you just lying there on your back! Not only are you hurt and embarrassed, but now...You're wet! Should have seen the sign!

This guy definitely, should have paid attention to the sign!

Now, I know, none of you ignore that big red sign that says "Sale!" But in this case, maybe you should because: I don't always have money when there is a great sale, so I come back later, when I do have money, and dang it! All the stuff is gone! You beeeeeotches bought it all! So, if you're going to pay attention to signs, can you ignore that one?! Please?!

♪Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?♪

(Five Man Electrical band)