The Door- Wordless Wednesday

The Door
The cause of my pain,
it's at the door
Scratching in silence
can't hear it no more
My door is closed
it's locked up tight
it's no longer hard
to sleep at night
My anger's my pillow
shoved over my head
it comforts and soothes
the words you said
and still you stand
outside the door
knocking, knocking,
you've come back for more
More what?! More pain?!
No, thanks! I've had enough!
I scream out in rage to just go away
the knocking grows stronger, harder
impossible to ignore
I put down my pillow
I'm angry no more
The pain subsides
empty remains
complacent resides
just this side the door

♪Maybe I should find a common ground, scratch another problem off my list, go ahead and kick me when I'm down, but I'm not leaving it like this ♪
(Uncle Kracker)

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