2010 Straighten Up and Fly Right

Wow! A whole new Year is upon us! And, I couldn't be more excited about it! 2010 will be my year! I'm sure of it!

I'm starting off with a clean slate. At the end, of 2009, we received word that our bankruptcy has finally been discharged! This was a very long process that started way back at the beginning of 2008 when we made the agonizing (and embarrassing) decision to file chapter 13. We were drowning in debt, were at risk of losing the house, and had a car repossessed. So, with no signs of things getting better, we did it. It was a huge upfront expense, and involved so much paperwork, but we knew it was the best option.

What we didn't know was that just 6 months into the plan (ch. 13 involves making payments to a trustee) hubby would lose his job. We were lucky that he found another job rather quickly, but his pay was less, and the damage was done. Once again we had to make a decision, and once again, a car was repossessed (though legally it shouldn't have been because it was under protection, but, ugh! don't get me started on that mess.) So, we converted to a chapter 7 and included our house with hopes of working out a plan with the mortgage company.

So, finally, after months of waiting, it was discharged. What a huge relief! We are still talking with the mortgage company, because they are so backed up. We would like to stay in our house, but since the mortgage was included in the bankruptcy, we are no longer obligated to do so. This means if we don't like the arrangement, we can find a rental that better fits our budget.

BUDGET! That is the key word! My plan for this year, is to really stick to a budget! Now, I'm great at saving money through coupons, and deals, but saving money as in not spending?! Forget it! Terrible! But, this year, that all changes! This year, I'm going to find a way to save money, make more money, and actually SAVE some money! No more being embarrassed about the mistakes I've made. Instead, I'm going to share what is working and what isn't, so maybe someone else won't make the same mistakes.

So, this year's theme song:

♪Straighten up and fly right♪ (Nat King Cole)

As for my goals for this blog: I have 3 goals

1. To post more frequently (but still with value, don't want some blah blah blah crap, just to post)

2. More Music- it's in my head, so I'll continue to share it, but I'd also like to do more music reviews, (especially with what the kids are listening to, that's how to stay connected with our youth) and I'm going to get better at posting the album of the week. Check out this week's choice. It's right over there ----->

3. I want to increase my followers! Help me spread the word! Can I reach 100 by the end of 2010?! Maybe, with your help. (please, please help) ♪Aint too proud to beg♪ (The Rolling Stones or The Temptations, I like 'em both)

So raise a glass and give a cheer to making 2010 our year!


  1. I know so many people who have had similar events take place in their lives! I applaude you for taking control and doing what you have to do! Things will get better!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hope this new year and new start will work out well for you.

  3. I just subscribed to help you out with #3 =)Looking forward to the music reviews- I have three boys (12, 13 and 16) and it is hard to keep up with all they listen to.

  4. You might me able to live in the house without paying the mortgage for a long time, I've heard of that happening in this market.


  5. Here's to starting over in 2010! It sounds like you are right on track :)


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