Post-it Note Tuesday- Nope!

Ok, so this was supposed to be a post-it note posting, but as you can see... NO POST-it Notes! For some reason Blogger does not want to cooperate with my Post it notes today, and after creating them, uploading, and organizing...3 TIMES! I'm done! so no Post it notes today! I know when to stop beating my head against the soon as I get a headache! And this headache is huge! Seriously! I did the post 3 times, and it was all perfect, and then *poof* all gone!

So what was in my notes? you ask. Well, it was something like this:

Most Downloaded song of 2009= Boom Boom Pow by black Eyed Peas- a catchy little diddy ♪I got that boom boom pow, thems chicks is jackin' my style... I'm so 3008 you're so 2000 and late♪

Stuff about 80's comin back in '09- jelly bracelets, neon colors, blah blah blah, music!

Flo-rida used ♪you spin me right round, baby, right round♪ for his hit song last year.

I Like Seether's Careless Whisper version. I don't like Miley Cyrus' version of Every Rose has it's Thorn. ( why even attempt to recreate it?!)

In fact: I could do without Miley Cyrus altogether! But then, my kids are old enough that I don't need a TV babysitter (Hannah Montana) just to get a moment of peace. I just don't get it! She has about as much talent as the singing purple dinosaur that used to babysit my kids! ♪I love you, you love me ♪

And what aggravates me, most about her is that her latest song, is awful damn catchy! It just goes around in my head over and over she sings ♪It's a party in the USA YEEEEEAAAAH♪ Make it stop!!!

My most random thought of this post: Stores are like Drug dealers pushing their damn holiday decor on us, theyv'e got me itchin like a meth head with the XMAS 75% off sale, and then what do they wave in front of me?! cupid pillows, and pink and red heart towels! Tinsel is the gateway drug to a complete holiday addiction! Now, it's cupid. Before you know it you'll be jonesing for leprechauns, and easter bunnies, followed by sparklers and flags. What's next?! Arbor Day?!

Should I start on the holiday album, for that now?! ♪Oh, the tree in the hole, and the hole in the ground, and the green grass grows all around all around♪

Disney! Give me a contract! I can sing for kids!


  1. Sorry about your post-its. Hate when blogger gets all hateful.

  2. LMAO oh boy how I can relate to your would be post its! especially the Miley is catchy though-great now it will be stuck in my head....quickly scrolls back up to the the most downloaded song of oh nine...

  3. what a bugger !

    careless whisper - can only be done by the great gay george michael.

    there are not others. they are dead to me.


  4. Talk about songs that have powerful themes, Careless Whisper is a great one. I love playing it on the piano too.



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