Show Me Yo Booty Hole?!

♪I wish yo ass was all up on me so I could put my tongue up inside those cheeks This hole that hole this hole that hole eeny meeny miney mo, let me eat yo booty hole♪

Aaaah such rhythm, such...*screeching brakes* "WHAT'D THAT SAY?!" "SHOW ME YO BOOTY HOLE?!" "REALLY?!" "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LISTENIN TO?!"

This is what my 15 year old was jammin to in the car! No subtle genius in these lyrics. Nope! Saosin just puts it out there! I'm fairly liberal in what my kids listen to, and I'm definitely against artist censorship but...Really?! This one is just gross! (mainly because it's my kid listening to it not because I'm against booty lickin, receiving, of course, oops,probably TMI. Sorry.)

I don't expect every song to be a sickenly sweet disguise of meaning like ♪Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy ♪ (if you don't already know that one's about oral sex.)

I've been known to ♪shake it like a salt shaker ♪ and I've been caught ♪doin da butt♪ and I like to make ♪that tootsie roll♪ So, I have nothing against songs about the booty. Just try to get me not to sing when Baby's got back comes on. It's impossible! ♪My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!♪

But, the BOOTY HOLE?! That's just not what I want to hear a song about, and I surely don't want my daughter singing along to it!

The good news?! She's not into the song for the sexual connotation.*Whew! big sigh of relief* She just thinks it's funny. But still!