Friday Fragments and Confession- Diversity

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At work, we've been doing a lot of diversity training. Essentially, we are learning the importance of valuing and trying to understand each other's differences. Can you believe we need to be trained on this? Hmm, apparently, it doesn't come naturally to some people! The big lesson is this: When you don't understand why someone says certain things, wears certain things, likes a certain music; ask them! Have a conversation! You know that thing where you ask questions, and listen to the answer!
ex: "Amethyst, I really don't understand why you wear lots of things with skulls on it. Are you some kind of crazed death punk Nazi?"
"No, not at all. It represents my involvement with the community through an all women pirate charity group. Oh, and it makes me look cool! don't ya think?!" And yeah, I really do think♪ (Alanis Morrisette)

I'm so excited to share that one of my friends was chosen to have her home renovated by Shelton Quarles Impact Foundation. The foundation helps single mothers by giving them a home makeover. She is just one of the nicest and most deserving people, and I'm honored to know her. Read more about it here.

Did anyone else sit down to watch Survivor last night, only to find out it was preempted?! By Basketball?! WTH?! Isn't that what ESPN is for?! I only watch 2 shows a week, Survivor and ANTM. And now, because of basketball, I have to decide which one to watch next Wednesday because they'll be on at the same time! Redonkulous!!  We gotta fight for our rights to Survivor♪ (completely modified version of the Beastie Boys)

And now, for a confession:

This weekend, we are DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! and I couldn't be happier! I truly love my friends and all the things we do together, and next weekend, I will gladly be attending a first birthday of one of our friends' daughters, but, this weekend, I confess, I am happy excited delighted  elated to be vegging out at home with Bear! With no plans of doing ANYTHING! And, if we're real lucky, maybe an evening without the girls! *fingers crossedYou never act the way you should, but I like it, and I know you like it, too♪ (Poison)

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  1. I have enjoyed my entire week of doing nothing (Spring Break = ♥) LOL!

    Yeah Idk why you'd have to have diversity classes either, but some people are narrow minded so ya know! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I am so sick of my shows being shoved aside by not only sports, but also stupid politics. If I wanted to listen to the lies spewing out of mouths, then I would turn the channel to CNN, keep off my Greys, Survivor, whatever that night was supposed to bring.

  3. Popping in from Friday Fragments to say hello. I won't sing to you today (although I've been told I have a lovely singing voice) but I will share with you that I am a fellow Survivor addict but I always watch online the next day. never gets pre-empted. :) Although they may have put Survivor on hold for the BB playoffs.

  4. Hi - following from Friday Follow! I love Friday Fragments!

  5. coming over for Friday Follow!

  6. Enjoy your relaxing weekend I can certainly use one
    Now following you from Follow Friday stop on by

  7. I finally had a few minutes to come check you out and I think you might have been right. We might jsut be soul sisters. Reading the music that you have lsited under a few of your post reminded of high school. I have to say I was in LOVE wiht the big hair bands. Poison of course being one of them. Don't laugh at me please, but I actually met Firehouse and Warrant as a kid. I was more excited to be meeting warrant, but Firehouse was alot nicer.

    I also noticed you had a kindle in the side bar. If you are considering purchasing ine in the future, I cannot say anythgin about the kindle. BUT, I can say I love my Barnes and Nobles Nook. Love it would be an understatement. It is one of my favorite pieces of technology by far. I asked everyone to give me gift cards to barnes and nobles for the holidays and had enought to purchase it. It might have been one of my only gifts, but it was worth a thousand.

    I am adding you to my blog roll by the way.

  8. We have been doing a little bit of nothing today- did go visit friends in their new place for an hour or so.


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