Writer's Workshop: No Way, Will I be Like That!

Writer's Workshop over at Mama Kat's. Today's prompt: Describe how your relationship with your spouse is different than the relationship your parents had growing up.

Well, shoot! That's like the easiest prompt ever! Um let's see, um, we live together, um, we're married, um, we don't bad mouth each other to our kids (ok, well at least, I don't, who knows what kind of crazy convo's he's having when I'm not around.)  Yeah, my parents divorced when I was one, so there's the major difference. Read the whole Jerry Springer Version here.

Too easy? Well, let's look at her marriage to Dad #2.  First difference? I have never and would never pull a knife on Bear!  ♪Mary, Mary, why you buggin♪ (Run DMC) Nor would I run around behind his back with any man that would give me attention, and expect for my child to keep this "our little secret." Nope, un huh, ain't gonna happen! 

Mom and Dad # 2 never had a partnership, in fact most the time they didn't even seem to like each other. Mom wanted to go out and party and he wanted to just stay home and watch TV. Bear and I love to do things together, and while we do have some different interests, and certainly our own "me" time; we share our experiences. We are truly best friends. Of course, we argue, but there are no knives or other kitchen utensils, involved (although, I love to spoon, and fork him, te he.) 

Mom has since moved on to husband #3, and for awhile this seemed to be a really good thing for her. He was calming, and liked to travel, and they shared interests. But now, he's just a big whiney baby who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way! It's like she's raising a 5th kid! And he's making her miserable, but with no other man waiting in the wings, she's hesitant to leave. ♪Well, I think you're crazy, well, I think you're crazy♪ (Gnarls Barkley)

And, that, is the biggest difference of all in my marriage. Bear and I don't stay together because there is nothing else out there. I stay with Bear because I want to, because, he is my best friend, because he is the man I love, and because he makes me a better person. ♪You make me feel like a natural woman♪  (Aretha Franklin)

Dear Mom,
You can't change the mistakes you made in your past, but, you can make decisions that will change your future. Everyone deserves happiness, but it shouldn't come at another's expense. Do things for yourself, but be aware of their impact on others. Most importantly, before you can love and be loved, you must love yourself.

Best Wishes,

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  1. it appears you rose above it all and have found a wonderful bear to keep you happy, warm and safe. congratulations.
    visiting from mamakat's

  2. I too had a realationship just like that with my mom. I see it as there loss! Hope you are having a good week!

  3. The first line to your letter is something that EVERYONE needs to remember!

  4. If I could clap via comment, I totally would. Fab post.

    Thanks for your fab comment, by the way. I always luuurve comments but yours was my 'Oh thank GOD someone really gets what I'm saying' comment.

  5. Wow! My parents were very much in love. I wanted a marriage just like theirs...my first one failed and I almost missed a second shot because I was afraid of failing again. I truly did write two songs (my group sings them - Don't Get Me Started and Flight 307)(check out httpo://www.myspace.com/stillmagnoliaslive to hear Flight 307)....but I listened to the whisper...and married a man who is truly my very best friend. There is life after divorce and I am living proof.

  6. Hey Sweetie,

    Sometimes you should NEVER follow in your parents footsteps. I'm glad that it worked out beautifully for you.

    When you get a chance, head on over to my blog, I have a special Award for you!


  7. Sometimes you just gotta do the opposite of what your parents did. I think some of us were given parents to teach us how not to be rather than how to be.

  8. I hear you, woman. Congrats on finding your Bear.

    Visiting from MamaKat's...


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