I had to Have it; It was Rad!

I'm joining in with Supah on the I had to have it MEme today.
But first, a Music Monday Flashback Mommy Moment:

The year was 1998, and we were driving through New Hampshire, when from the back seat I hear 2 little girls singing at the tops of their lungs: ♪Biscuits, Biscuits, incwedible♪ Bear and I just started laughing, but it was so cute I joined right in ♪Biscuits Biscuits incredible♪  Definitely not the lyrics Faith Hill wrote, but, to this day, that's how I want to sing it.


I Had To Have It!

It was 1986, and I had to have it! My skateboard just wasn't cool, anymore. There was a new fad sweeping the neighborhood, and I had to be a part of it! I went and saw this movie:

And, I was hooked! All the boys on the street had them, and they were now using them to ride the half pipe that had been filled with boards the summer before. As they rode the boombox jams played ♪Brass Monkey, that funky monkey♪ (Beastie Boys)

I begged my mom, "please, please get me a BMX?"
And she firmly answered, "No! I'm not wasting money on a bike, you just got a skateboard."
"But, Mom, that was last summer, now everyone is freestyling."
Then came the dreaded "if everyone jumped off a bridge, blah, blah, blah." Followed by even worse, "Besides, you're a girl, you shouldn't be hanging around those boys, people will talk."
"Ugh!"   ♪But, girls just want to have fun, oh girls, just wanna have♪ (Cyndi Lauper)

So, I knew what I would have to do. I would save up enough money to buy it myself! So, all summer long, I worked. I babysat all the little brats on the street. I changed umpteen dirty diapers, put up with all the "my mom said I could"s, and finally, finally, I had enough money to buy a bike, (no, not a BMX, babysitting didn't pay that much!) but a really cool, and really cheap K-mart version, (that's right, I'll admit it, now, I shopped the blue light special, at the time I made up some, my dad sent it to me, yada yada, because no way would one be caught dead at K-mart.)

So, I finally had my free styling bike, and I looked totally rad on it. I couldn't wait to get it out there. I was so excited! I was dancing on the ceiling♪ (Lionel Richie) You shoulda seen me, I rode it like no other, up the street and down the street, around the circle and back again. What? What tricks could I do? Oh, well, um...I could peddle REAL fast!
♪I was flying high upon the wings of lov♪e (Jeffery Osbourne)

Yeah, ok, so it turns out that just having a freestyling bike,doesn't make you able to freestyle. Nope, they don't tell you that! And no way, was I gonna ride that bike down that half pipe, are you kidding?! I might scratch it! Do you know what I had to do to get that bike?! On my own, this wasn't how it was supposed to be♪ (Patti Labelle & Michael Mcdonald)Clip from the movie Rad: This is was I thought I would look like.


  1. Too bad having doesn't give you the ability. I bet you looked really cool peddling fast down the street though.

  2. OH my gosh, I am still laughing that your mom didn't want you to hang around with the boys because people would talk. Sheesh.

  3. WOW. Brave of you to want to try that...I would have never. Not even the skateboard.


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